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12th June 2019 Issue no. 461

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MOBOTIX technology for Olympic event monitoring

* Mobotix-Olympics-monitor.jpgPrecision, high definition video technology helps judges ensure fairness across 26 medal events during London 2012 Olympics. MOBOTIX AG, a leading manufacturer of digital high-resolution, network-based video security systems has released details of the use of its technology by Polaritás-GM Ltd, a leader in specialist Sport measurement systems to help ensure fair play at water events during the recent London 2012 Olympics.

Polaritás has provided starter, course monitoring and timing systems for three previous Olympics and developed its new third generation system to include video to help judges evaluate events at the rowing or canoeing start line. Following extensive tests, Polaritás selected MOBOTIX technology due to its reliability, image quality and high ingress protection rating.

The third generation Polaritás platform includes StartVideo software to collate video from the MOBOTIX cameras at the start line to help starter judges detect false starts. To develop this software, Polaritás used the ActiveX controls embedded within the MOBOTIX system as a powerful interface between the camera and the StartVideo software.

Within a few seconds after the start, the starter judges can easily observe the events through instant playback including slow motion or even frame-by-frame of the recorded video clip. Using this interactive tool, the starter has the opportunity to make a quick decision about the start event and can stop the race if necessary. The recorded video clips are stored on a hard drive, ordered by heat number and marked as good or false start.

* Mobotix-Olympics.jpgAs part of a continual ethos of innovation, Polaritás has upgraded its MOBOTIX cameras to the new M24M platform which offers a higher 30 frames per second capture at megapixel resolutions. The new camera also has a 180 degree lens system to allow a single camera to cover more of the race area and to allow detailed views of critical race events. The M24M has up to 64 GB of internal storage capacity to ensure that even if a communication link is lost; the event can still be recorded for later analysis.

The third generation Polaritás system including the MOBOTIX M24M cameras were used at the London 2012 Olympics with great success. Working closely with Omega, the Official Timekeeper for the Olympic Games, the system was used over 14 days assisting in the adjudication across 26 medal events ranging including Single Sculls, Eights featuring teams of eight rowers plus a cox and all and single, double and four paddler crews in canoe-kayak events.

The Polaritás Automatic Start System has been certified by FISA and ICF as being able to fulfil the requirements of world-class racing events and is used in 24 countries around the world at the majority of international rowing and canoeing competitions.

"Video is a real benefit within the sport and we look at how we can use it to continue to innovate," explains Mr. J-zsef Grand, owner and director of Polaritás, "Our work with MOBOTIX has been essential in helping us deliver a world class start system and we will be working with them as a key partner during our preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro."


26th September 2012

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