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19th February 2020 Issue no. 495

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UAP TradeLocks put a stop to key fishing

* keyfishing.jpgThe news has been full of stories recently regarding burglars stealing car keys and house keys from hallways without even entering the home. They are doing this through a method which is becoming more and more common, key fishing or letter plate fishing.

The UAP Letterplate Restrictor Shroud provides a simple but effective solution to key fishing; it is 14.5" long and can easily be fitted over the letter plate on the inside of the door to stop the inner flap opening more than 40 degrees, therefore stopping unwanted arms, sticks and fishing rods being poked through. It also restricts the view into the hallway so burglars will not be able to look through for keys or signs of anyone being home.

When used in combination with the UAP Anti-Vandal Letterplate the Restrictor Shroud makes an effective deterrent for the would-be-burglar. This is particularly so because the brushes face the exterior of the door, further hampering the view into the property.

'Fishing' has only come into crime language over the last ten years and is becoming more popular as security in cars improves. Immobilisers are now fitted to cars as standard and so the key is needed to start them, therefore thieves are forced to steal the keys in order to steal the car.

Chingford has seen five cars stolen over five days whilst the owners slept; these included two Mercedes and a Landrover worth £25,000. The keys were left by the front door so the thieves were able to simply reach in and grab them, thus stealing the cars without the owners noticing.

Key fishing is not only used to steal car keys but to also gain access to houses. In Carlisle a house was burgled after the assailant used a wire to pull the house keys through the letter plate, they were then able to unlock the door and steal valuable possessions.

With more and more burglars taking advantage of vulnerable letterplates it is becoming ever more necessary to upgrade the security on doors. The UAP Letterplate Restrictor Shroud provides a quick, simple and affordable solution to making a letterplate secure.

The Letterplate Restrictor Shroud is extremely lightweight and can easily be stored in a van for when it is needed without taking up much room. It is available at a low cost which means great profit potential too.

Along with the Restrictor Shroud UAP have a range of door security products that are perfect for offering a security upgrade service when out on a job. These include extra strong door chains and guards, Anti-Vandal(tm) Letterplates and Identity Card Entry Slots; these are all high quality, low cost and fit for purpose.

For more information on the UAP security range or to purchase the Letterplate Restrictor Shroud in Chrome, Silver or Gold visit www.TradeLocks.co.uk.

17th October 2012

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