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19th February 2020 Issue no. 495

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Lockdecoders is everywhere...almost

* Lockdecoders-trip1.jpgPeter Southern, Managing Director of Lockdecoders Ltd, writes:

This has been a very busy year for me both in our product development and in my visits to assist our various Principal Distributors in the many countries in which we are represented. Those tasks have taken me this year so far to Norway, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, France, the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea - some of those twice.

My most recent trip took me to Australia, via Hong Kong, for the MLAA show in Adelaide, a hugely successful trip where I demonstrated our MiraClone transponder cloner and eeprom device as well as our exclusive Turbotool auto lock pick/decoders for VAG vehicles. A heap of orders resulted as well as still more orders for our Miracle A5 automatic key cutting machines and our Magic range of engravers which are already very well-established there through Lockdecoders AU and the Sieper Group. I also presented a Sieper sales rep, Scott Osborne, with his award certificate and prize of $440AU for selling the second-most Miracle A5's in the year ending July.

* Lockdecoders-trip2.jpgFrom there back to Hong Kong for meetings and to pick up some natty tailoring and then to our associate factory in Daejeon City ,South Korea where I was joined by John Wilkin of SKS, Simon Thomas from Toplock in South Africa and Andrew Alchin who represented Sieper Group from Australia.

The first matter on hand was to present John with his award certificate as the leading salesman in the world for Miracle A5. His flight and hotel were part of the prize and I also handed him a Million Won.
* Lockdecoders-trip3.jpgThen to work. I demonstrated the MiraClone to our prospective distributor in South Korea and went through the Turbotool decoders and their technology with all and then they delved into the new Miracle A9 - Everything Machine - our newly developed automatic key cutter which handles laser, edge cut, dimple and tubular keys as well as domestic cylinders. We saw the link up with Instacode and the range of drop-in clamps. Then each of them, under supervision, built up an A9 from scratch! That is part of our programme of ensuring that every Principal Distributor is high on technical knowledge.

All of them were entranced by the Magic range of engravers. The Magic 2 is already a major seller to Australian locksmiths for its ability to coin 6 keys at a time of various patterns. The F30 is more versatile as it cuts signs, makes rubber stamps and engraves flat objects, padlocks and even pens.
* Lockdecoders-trip4.jpgBack to the UK. Whilst I was away Lockdecoders staff were at the ALA meeting in Nottingham where Andy Fagan was good enough to run a class on the MiraClone and at the end of October the big ALEX show for auto locksmiths at Nottingham which is the official launch of the Miracle A9.
In 2013 I will be just as busy as we will launch 3 more specialised pieces of modern technology never before offered by any rival firm. Apart from that we are in process of establishing Principal Distributors in 6 new countries.

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7th November 2012

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