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25th March 2020 Issue no. 500

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New warning after heating oil thefts

Home owners filling up tanks with heating oil after the recent freezing temperatures have been warned to ensure they follow crime prevention advice. As well as homes, thieves have in the past targeted churches, community buildings and business premises.

The following advice may help improve the security of your heating oil supply:

- The simple act of keeping your yard or drive gates closed and securely locked could prevent a theft. Ensure gates and fences are in good repair.
- Consider installing CCTV along with suitable security lighting.
- The location of storage tanks can be a critical factor. Ideally they should be situated within sight of your home, office or business while at the same time being difficult to see by the general public.
- Plant hostile (thorny) shrubs around your tank. Thieves will think twice before forcing their way through a prickly hedge, and the smallest trace of blood or shred of ripped clothing could provide enough forensic evidence to identify the offender.
- Regularly check your fuel levels so that you can easily spot if the level drops. Remote electronic oil level gauges can be fitted, which set off an audible alarm if the oil level in the tank suddenly drops.
- Install lockable caps with crop-proof padlocks/fittings and where possible provide vulnerable fuel hoses with hardened/flexible casing so that they are harder to cut.
- Remember when buying alarms, CCTV, locks or any security devices, the better the quality the longer they will last.
- If you are installing or re-siting an oil tank, consider securing the tank in an alarmed, ventilated, brick or block built, locked structure or a lockable cage, however also remember that the oil tanker driver will need access to fill the tank.
- Check your oil is covered by your household or business insurance.

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