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15th July 2020 Issue no. 516

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UK partners up for cyber security

The United Kingdom is partnering up with nine defense contractors and telecommunications companies as fear regarding the future of cyber security settles in. The program is called the Defence Cyber Protection Partnership and is designed to come up with stronger policies and standards for businesses of all sizes to adhere to. Companies included in the partnership are Lockheed Martin, Hewlett Packard, Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, among others.

The UK lists cyber security as a top threat in its National Security Strategy. On Monday, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) also said that the government is hit by 70 meaningful cyber security attacks every month.

While no new standards have yet been created, the government says it hopes that this kind of privacy and public sector agreement will be a model to those around the world.

GCHQ director Sir Iain Lobban explained that some U.K. companies have unfortunately not caught some of these stealthier intrusions, leaving attacks in their systems unnoticed for years. Secrets in the UK, according to Lobban, are leaked out on an "industrial scale," showing the need for the country to get serious about its cyber security quickly.

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