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20th January 2021 Issue no. 541

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Smart guestroom locks becoming standard

Locking and security technology can often seem - fittingly - like a revolving door. Just when a particular advancement seems poised to be the next big thing, some other development springboards onto the scene rendering the former antiquated. This is not relegated just to hospitality technology; many a modern convenience has fallen prey to the allure of a later and greater discovery.

Hung Luk is COO for the privately-held real estate and hotel management firm LAM Group (www.lamgroupnyc.com); Luk likens the demise of magstripe key cards to the evolution that rendered 8-tracks and cassettes extinct. "We want to get the best technology, but to install the latest technology you have to do a cost/benefit analysis," he explains. "Since RFID has become more mainstream, the cost has come down.  I wouldn't even consider putting in a magstripe system anymore." That sentiment seems to be the prevailing consensus among hoteliers: magstripe is over, RFID is here to stay.

By Dorothy Creamer, Managing Editor, Hospitality Technology

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11th September 2013

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