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7th April 2021 Issue no. 552

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Mobile Phone Scam

A Kent resident received a mobile phone and a contract which had been completed with their details...

As they had no knowledge of the phone or the contract they immediately contacted the mobile phone operator who agreed that they should return the phone. Later the resident received a phone call from a foreign sounding man who said he would call at their house to collect the phone. Luckily the resident thought this was a strange practice and refused to let anyone call at their home.

The foreign caller had used the resident's details fraudulently to order the phone knowing that the resident would contact the mobile phone provider to return it. They would then collect the phone and use it free of charge whilst the mobile phone company would be chasing the Kent resident for payment.
Trading Standards advises you to always be wary about goods you receive that you have not ordered. Contact the company and find out why they have sent the goods to you and how they would like them returned.

If you believe this type of fraud has happened to you then report it to the Police on 101.

30th October 2013

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