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21st April 2021 Issue no. 554

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The most difficult luxury vehicles to break into

Last year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau reported that overall car theft rose by 1.3 percent in 2012, the first increase in eight years. As car theft and vandalism climb, car manufacturers are getting increasingly savvy with improving security systems, especially for higher-end vehicles. To get a real picture of how difficult or easy it is to break into luxury vehicles, us-Locksmith.com, a Miami Locksmith company, conducted a survey of more than a dozen locksmiths that make a living "breaking into" cars when customers are locked out.

The survey listed ten of the most popular luxury vehicles, as reported by US News Car Ranking of 2013 and locksmiths were requested to rank the cars on how difficult their security mechanisms were to crack. The survey found the following three vehicles among the toughest to break into without causing visible or non-visible damage to the vehicle, in order of difficulty: Range Rover, Lexus GS, and BMW 5-Series.

Between 2009-2012 there have been 4,384 luxury vehicle thefts recorded and despite a high recovery rate of over 85%, luxury vehicles remain an attractive target to car thieves. The survey offers an insider perspective of the security mechanisms of higher-end vehicles and reasons why some vehicles are easier to break-in than others.


11th December 2013

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