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20th October 2021 Issue no. 578

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Call for property owners to be social media savvy

Security systems expert, Hadrian Technology, is reminding property owners to be cautious when it comes to social media and home security. Research carried out by Legal and General has revealed that 84% of 18 to 35 year olds share photos and information on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, that could put their possessions and homes at risk from 'digital' criminals.

General Manager of Hadrian Technology, Gary Trotter, recommends that property owners take extra care when using social media. He says: "People often forget that just about anyone can view images, status updates and tweets online. I always worry when I see people publicising that they're going on holiday. Is it really wise to announce when you're leaving your house unoccupied to users of a global network?"

Gary said: "All it takes is one online view from a thief, or a tip off from an accomplice, and they will know exactly what you have in your home, and how long they have to access it. If you're checking-in to tell your online followers where you are, you are practically inviting thieves into your home."
Research carried out by T-mobile in a 2012 survey showed that four in ten Britons log on to Facebook and Twitter at least once a day whilst abroad, and that three in ten people say they would deliberately write a boastful holiday status to make people at home envious.

Gary is advising homeowners to re-assess their security measures to make sure they aren't vulnerable to burglars. He says: "It is wise to take plenty of home security precautions, particularly if you spend a significant amount of time away from home. CCTV systems can help home and business owners relax whilst they are away."

Hadrian Technology is currently pioneering revolutionary technology which links High Definition CCTV cameras from the leading Concept Pro range - to mobile devices or home computers using its V-HDR app.

The technology can list any 'events' such as disturbances or break-ins, by date and time, which can be easily accessed through the app, and provide alerts via email, if there is movement in a particular area of a building or grounds. The viewer can then instantly view footage - live or recorded - to check to see if there is a genuine problem or a false alarm and act accordingly.

Gary gives further security advice for homeowners: "if you're leaving your property unoccupied make sure any valuables are kept in areas that are not visible from a window or door. It's important you make sure the outside of your house is secure including fences, windows and door locks. Having sensor lighting fitted to the front and back of your property not only helps you gain entry into your home during dark evenings, but also acts as a deterrent to potential thieves."

About Hadrian Technology

Hadrian Technology was founded in 1999 and is based at The Place, in Sunderland city centre.

The company works with both commercial and domestic clients to provide high-quality CCTV solutions across the UK and Ireland and its services include CCTV design, installation, maintenance and repair, as well as the supply of CCTV digital recorders. It also operates a CCTV rental service.
The company is a leader in the provision of High Definition Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) CCTV, which generates a much higher quality image than traditional analogue CCTV. The systems Hadrian Technology works with provide 'crystal clear' image quality - at 1080p resolution, they offer - better than Sky HD.

Hadrian Technology is the biggest installer of the market leading Concept Pro CCTV range in the country.

* HD-SDI CCTV cuts down on costs, as on installation, existing co-ax cable can be used rather than Cat 5 cable, and there is no need to involve IT managers or add more devices to networks.
* Footage from HD-SDI CCTV can be accessed via home computers and mobile devices.
* HD-SDI CCTV can be used for security purposes, but also has health and safety applications, for instance in limiting exposure to fraudulent accident claims.


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5th February 2014

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