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20th October 2021 Issue no. 578

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Avocet's 3 star diamond superstar delivers UK's best defence against lock snapping

* ABS-3-star.jpgThe ABS snap-secure lock from Avocet Hardware not only delivers TS007 3-star protection against lock-snapping attack, it is also boasts Sold Secure's SS312 Diamond accreditation - a combination that officially makes ABS the safest snap-secure lock in the UK.

"Lock-snapping has increased significantly as a means of forced entry in recent years and with it so have the number of snap-secure locks on the market," said Avocet's Raymond Pearce.

"The problem now facing both locksmiths and the general public is knowing exactly what to look for when buying or selling a retrofit snap-secure lock - a picture that has been horribly confused by misleading information being presented in the national media."

Avocet says that while a TS007 3-star rating does ensure a lock has a high level of snap resistance; it is the test for Sold Secure's SS312 Diamond accreditation that truly examines its performance under attack.

Justin Freeman of the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA), which operates the Sold Secure scheme, added: "We firmly believe that our SS312 Diamond standard pushes cylinders locks to the absolute limit. No more can be expected of a cylinder for retrofit replacement that passes the tests to achieve this accreditation."

Avocet's ABS Snap Secure lock is currently the only retro-fit euro cylinder that has successfully passed the new SS312 Sold Secure Diamond standard tests, which means it provides a total barrier against forced entry, even if the lock is snapped. And what's more it also allows the door to still be opened and locked using the key from the inside.

"The Sold Secure test is the most rigorous we've come across. It is based purely on the strength of the lock against attack and due to our patented snap-secure system, ABS passed with flying colours by preventing any successful attacks," added Raymond Pearce of Avocet.

Sold Secure was established in 1992 by Northumbria and Essex police, working in conjunction with the Home Office, and is now owned and run by the MLA. The scheme has close ties with a large number of constabularies and insurers, who provide regular information regarding the methods of theft, meaning its accreditation schemes are at the forefront of crime prevention.

For additional information visit www.avocet-hardware.co.uk or call or call 01484 725725

12th February 2014

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