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10th August 2022 Issue no. 619

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Brazil commences the introduction of mandatory tracking devices

Brazil has commenced the supply and fitting of mandatory tracking devices to vehicles, but there's already controversy regarding the price of the devices. 

The electronic tags are intended to be implemented nationwide, however they are currently only being installed on vehicles registered in the city of Boa Vista. Roraima is the first state to activate the system, on 31st March 2014.

Controversy has arisen over the price of the device. In 2012 the government announced that the device would cost as little as $5, but in reality it's costing vehicle owners $95.67 for the device and $49.93 for the annual subscription.

The tracking system is primarily designed to make it as difficult as possible for thieves to relocate and clone stolen vehicles. The device relays vehicle information to antennas positioned along roads and intersections across the country. The information collected by the antennas is sent to a central monitoring station which is linked to stolen vehicle databases.

2nd April 2014

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