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18th May 2022 Issue no. 607

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Introducing the TL Rim Cylinder - We Came. We Saw. We Conquered.

* Julius-Caesar.jpgBen Jennings explains the thinking behind the all-conquering new TradeLocks launch:

"We have been asked many times to develop a budget Rim Cylinder, but we didn't want to just launch something that was the same as what is already on the market. Instead we sat back, asked a lot of questions, and sampled a lot of product. And now we have what we believe to be one of the best Rim Cylinders on the market!

"The TL Rim Cylinder is a 6 Pin, Patented Anti-Bump, Anti-Drill, Anti-Pick cylinder, available in Polished Brass or Polished Chrome. And as an added important feature, the TL cylinder can be keyed to any of the UAP and UAP+ 1* Kitemark cylinders!

"So how have managed to fit all of that technology into the cylinder, and just how good is it?

The TL Rim Cylinder is one the latest in the line of UAP's super smooth cylinders using the Chris Belcher designed Anti Bump Timing Pin system. This very clever system uses Nickel Plated Hardened steel Key Pins and driver pins. The hardened steel pins give the anti-drill feature we wanted to incorporate.

"The patented Timing Pins are designed to interrupt the timing of the pins when bumped, and it is highly effective. And because we use special pins rather than say trap pins, we do not have to have a high expense to get this Anti-Bump feature.

"The timing Pins also have inbuilt anti-picks, and mushroom driver pins, which makes them highly effective against picking.

* UAP-cylinder-and-rim-cylinder.jpg"We have managed to get all of this into a rim with 6 pins, so that we can Key Alike to the UAP and UAP+ cylinders which is a very important requirement. Furthermore, we offer a full Master Suiting service for these products.

"The products are then very competitively priced because that is exactly what you expect from a Tradelocks product; great products, great features and a great price.

"So how good is the TL Rim Cylinder? We believe it is the best value for money, feature packed Rim on the market!" Ben concludes.


18th June 2014

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