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18th May 2022 Issue no. 607

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Peterson Tools arrive at Tradelocks

* Peterson-Tools.jpgTradelocks have welcomed the arrival of over 120 different lines of Peterson Tools in what some have seen as a major and significant shift in Tradelocks trading strategy.

Tradelocks are known for working with locksmiths and developing quality tools at low prices and also selling online their range of UAP locks and door products at low trade prices, so distributing the Peterson brand is an interesting move.

David Jennings explains, "Tradelocks is maturing as a business and we are now offering more and more products aimed specifically at the locksmith sector. The launch of the Tradelocks budget cylinder and Rim cylinders are classic examples of this. When we canvassed our customers about what tools they wanted to see added into our range, high quality picks and extractors etc. was high on the list.

"When we researched the market we found that we could not better the quality of the Peterson tools. Nor could we better the sheer depth of knowledge of Ken Peterson and his team. So our thought process is, why re-create a wheel that does not need re-creating?"

"But what we wanted was to maintain the Tradelocks philosophy of selling at great prices; we discussed this with Ken and a deal was struck that was good for both sides. Now we are the biggest stockist of Peterson tools in the world, and we stock in depth across their range. We felt this was important because it gives the customer in the EEC absolute choice in what they buy."

"Another factor in partnering with Peterson was the knowledge they bring to the market. We all know that there are different types and shapes of picks, and Peterson's genius has been copied many times. But you cannot copy his absolute knowledge of why each shape and style exists. So be it a Snowman, a Mini Ripple or a Diamond, whether is it produced in Government Steel, or ENP, each and every item has a reason to exist. Others in the market place offer picks with no understanding of why they are doing it or what they do. And to be honest if we had introduced our own range then that is exactly how Tradelocks would have been. But with Ken's support we can tell you why each pick is made to do, and why you have Government steel or a rubber handle etc."

"Delve into the range deeper and you will come across a huge range of key extractor and drill extractors. Why? Because these tools are made for locksmiths by a locksmith."

Ken says of this relationship: "I have always admired Tradelocks for the way they market their products, and I always wanted to partner with them. And now I can, and it is partnership that will continue to grow and benefit everyone in the market."


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