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25th January 2023 Issue no. 640

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Yerka, a bike that cannot be stolen

* Yerka.jpgEvery second a bike is stolen. The three engineering students from Chile behind this project have all been victims. That's why they came up with Yerka, a bike that cannot be stolen.

The innovation here is simple: the frame of the bicycle becomes the lock.

A detachable seat, a unique hinge and lock mechanism lets the rider secure the bike just about anywhere. No need to lug around those monstrous U-locks. 

If someone wants to steal the bike, he or she will have to break the lock, thereby breaking the bike. Hopefully a potential thief is smart enough to put two and two together to figure that out. 

A thief could steal the tyres and saddle, but those are cheaper to replace than an entire bike.

27th August 2014

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