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28th September 2022 Issue no. 624

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Company tackles people sleeping in bins with New Forest Locks

* Binlock.jpgContainer repair and refurbishment company, UK Container Maintenance (UKCM) has announced it will install "new forest locks" to containers in a bid to combat people taking shelter in containers.

UKCM is encouraging waste companies and local authorities to take better precautions and keep containers locked when they're located in problematic areas in order to prevent rough sleepers taking shelter in them.

UKCM's co-founder Emma Elston, explains: "Increasingly, containers within city centres and large towns are becoming a common place for homeless people to take cover in, this is not only saddening but also dangerous, especially when waste vehicle operators are not taking the time out to check each container before emptying the contents which in some cases can lead to injury and sometimes death.

"New forest locks are cost effective and straightforward to fit, and by using these particular locks it also mean operators will have to get out of the vehicle to take off the lock and visually check that there is no one inside the container."

Speaking about UKCM's particular choice of lock, Emma adds: "There are many options on the market such as gravity locks, however, these can be cause for concern because if someone managed to prise open the container lid and climb in, it could slam shut and lock the person in.

"New forest locks should be used with a combination padlock, meaning there are no fiddly keys required, and can be easily fitted by UKCM's mobile crew who are available to visit our existing and new customers across the country."

Compatible with any container manufacturer and a wide variety of lids, new forest locks require no adjustment shims or plates and for extra security, a double version new forest lock can also be used.

Research published in February this year revealed that people sleeping rough do seek shelter in waste and recycling bins, particularly in cold or wet weather, which is putting their lives at risk and has resulted in a number of fatalities.

Sleeping in refuse containers puts themselves at risk of injury and death, with a worrying 16 percent of people found sleeping in bins only discovered after they were tipped out.


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