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22nd May 2024 Issue no. 706

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3D Group launch blue Ford blade 'horseshoes'

* 3DGroup-Ford-keys.jpgThe company has just introduced a 'Directors Blog' on their Facebook page to keep customers up to date with the many new developments under way at the company. One of the products that Dean Sanderson writes about is the blue Ford blade 'horseshoe.'

Here's the account of how the product made it into stock: "Several weeks ago we used our Facebook and Twitter accounts to get our customer's opinions on the black Ford blade horseshoes. We have always been a little miffed as to why Ford have never produced a blue version to match the remote, so we got onto our product team and 4 weeks ago we approved a blue horseshoe blade sample to go into mass production.

"We were as excited as kids at Christmas when the first batch of 3000 arrived at our head office only to be bitterly disappointed when they failed our quality control tests and after a little investigation it seems that they are different to the confirmed samples!

"Back to the factory they go and in order to fast track delivery of the first batch we have asked our manufacturer of the black version FOB3C to change the colour and quickly produce 1000 blue ones which are now in stock. "I can hear you questioning why I didn't just use this manufacturer in the first place. The simple reason is we have so many products already in development with this factory that they can't possibly accept any more orders from us!

"In order to speed up the manufacturing process we were hoping to split it across two factories. Luckily they are able to help us out with a smaller quantity for now."

For more information: www.3dgroupuk.com/trade/index.php?productID=2367

You can read the new Directors Blog here:




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