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28th September 2022 Issue no. 624

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Roller Door Lock saves the day for Auckland firm

* roller-door-lock.jpgIn mid-2013 a business located in central Auckland, New Zealand had an attempted break-in. Ironically the premises is home to a security products distributor who had recently installed two, YR10 roller door locks onto their main entrance door.

This large roller door, which is opened during business then closed and secured at night, was the chosen entry point for the would be intruders.

The intended method of forced entry was to use the tail lift on a truck to lift the door enough for a person to crawl under. This is a method that has proven successful in many break-ins although commonly a fork lift or long leaver has been the device used to force the door up. The difference with this roller door is that on either side it had a YR10 lock securing it so the most the door could be lifted was only a few millimetres consequently prevented the forced entry.

* YNL700.jpgThe break in was abandoned at this point and there is little doubt that the door would have been opened and unwanted access gained if not for the strength of the YR10 locks.

The lock is also available in a weatherproof version, BQT Solutions YG10, for securing gates.


* 30,000N holding force
* 18mm diameter stainless steel bolt pin, 35mm stroke
* Varied voltage input from 12VDC - 24 VDC
* Complete status monitoring; Door, Bolt Locked and Bolt Unlocked positions
* Low current consumption; less than 15mA in standby and 300mA in operation
* User configurable Fail safe / Fail secure control
* Full access controls features offering total customisation

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17th September 2014

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