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20th September 2023 Issue no. 672

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Check in with CISA at Hotel Verona

* Hotel-Verona.jpgAllegion, formerly known as Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, has completed a project to install a new access control system at The Grand Hotel Verona in Italy.

Originally the town house of the aristocratic Reichenbach family from Austria, The Grand Hotel Verona is a four star hotel with 65 guest rooms, situated a short walk from the Plazza Bra and the Roman Arena.

The access control systems on the hotel's guest room doors have been upgraded by Allegion from CISA mechanical locks to CISA eSIGNO electronic contactless locks.

The CISA eSIGNO range combines superior Italian design together with practical features and technology which integrates with the day-to-day running of modern hotels. For example, intuitive opening minimises wear and tear, and an LED 'do not disturb' signal advises staff 'at a glance' whether guests are present in their rooms.

The CISA eSIGNO system is available in a wireless, battery-powered version which offers the possibility of complete control over the entire system from a central station, even in the event of a power failure, which ensures high security levels are always maintained.

The access control system requires no wiring or invasive work on the door resulting in a simple installation - whether on new projects or upgrading of an existing system.

* CISA-eSIGNO.jpgPaul Taylor, CISA Sales Leader for Allegion, said: "The installation of the CISA eSIGNO system at The Grand Hotel Verona demonstrates how effectively the modern technology and contemporary design of the lock adapts to a wide variety of needs, becoming an integral part of the hotel and even adding to its aesthetic appeal and operational efficiency.

"There's no doubt that electronic access control systems -as recommended for The Grand Hotel Verona - provide a more secure and scalable platform than the mechanical alternative. Easier to maintain than a key-based system, electronic systems allow managers to preset access levels for individuals and protect designated areas, and when guests check out or employees leave the business access can be cancelled quickly and easily. Crucially an electronic system provides a fully auditable history of access as well as preventing the entry of unauthorised persons."

Laura Zago is manager of The Grand Hotel Verona. She said: "What struck us most about CISA eSIGNO was its design: modern, elegant and compact, it blends in seamlessly with the classic look of our rooms and the result is highly sophisticated."

According to Laura, the CISA eSIGNO lock influenced other design details in the hotel. She added: "We got both our architect and CISA agent involved to ensure the satin silver finish on the CISA eSIGNO lock became a design guide for the other furnishings in the room, from the number on the door to the handles on the other doors inside."

The CISA eSIGNO portfolio includes a host of products such as hotel locking systems, contactless locks, electronic cylinders, energy savers, safes and minibars.

Take a closer look at The Grand Hotel Verona: www.grandhotel.vr.it


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