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7th December 2022 Issue no. 634

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GuardTrax pioneers Milestone video integration

* Guardtrax-Milestone-Diagram.jpgConnecting security officers with mobile Alert-Confirm-Respond Technology.

GuardTrax has announced the completion of a game-changing integration of the GuardTrax officer phone app with Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS). This solution delivers unique threat alert, identification, video verification, resolution and reporting capabilities for security guarding companies, mobile patrols and in-house units.

The relationship between GuardTrax and Milestone Systems is built on the premise that platinum-level security involves physically present and mobile security personnel and surveillance equipment - all brought together via open platform video management software. Guarding companies whose officers use the GuardTrax app integrated with Milestone XProtect video gain entry into the new era of technology-based security.

* GuardTrax-Milestone-Screen-Capture.jpgFor customers, the connection to the VMS platform expands alerts with video verification and real-time situational awareness, enhancing their security investment. Installing channel partners gain new sales and integration opportunities through close collaboration with the guarding company universe, GuardTrax and Milestone.

Rich Pekmezian, CEO of GuardTrax, says: "GuardTrax recognizes the significant role of the security officer in providing thorough security with physical response always at the ready. Our app is the connection between the security officer, surveillance equipment and video management. GuardTrax and Milestone see a strong partnership that is critical to provisioning today's most effective blended security solution."

With this integration, the Milestone Mobile client and GuardTrax app are downloaded to the Android devices used by the mobile officers. GuardTrax alerts are also seen in the XProtect Smart Client display at central operations or being shared with other security professionals. Officers can also generate incident reports from their devices while on the move.

Reinier Tuinzing, Strategic Partner Alliances Manager at Milestone Systems, says: "The industry has reached an inflection point realizing the need for more than just persons on location. Mobile security officers also need alerts with video verification to substantiate what is happening, where, and how best to respond to incidents."

Every security incident or situation has a beginning and an end. Some incidences can be avoided while those that cannot need to be resolved quickly and properly. The GuardTrax/Milestone integrated solution provides real-time capture and consolidation of critical security threat data that can then be analyzed and acted upon to bring about optimal resolution.

In-person interviews with C-level execs in the guarding industry reveal that guard companies today must empower their officers and supervisors in a technology-forward fashion. Gone are the days of just sending an officer to a property with a notepad and flashlight. The research indicates that the GuardTrax app improves officer efficiency while lowering the cost base to provide premium guarding services. The GuardTrax/Milestone integration further aligns guarding companies with technology delivery so they are poised to realize new sales opportunities.

"Success for the channel is all about expanding business with new and innovative solutions to offer the customer. The GuardTrax/Milestone integration enables new service levels for guarding companies to be on the leading edge, and customers gain the rewards of safer environments," says Tuinzing.


1st October 2014

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