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1st February 2023 Issue no. 641

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Murphy USA standardises on 3xLOGIC business intelligence solution

3xLOGIC, Inc., a leading provider of integrated intelligent security solutions, has announced the planned nationwide deployment of the company's VIGIL surveillance systems at over 1,200 Murphy USA convenience store locations.

The new systems, currently being rolled out, are comprised of 3xLOGIC IP and hybrid appliances, cameras and business intelligence software integrated into a customised solution designed by the security integrator CBE, Inc. In addition to overall design, CBE is installing the new systems across 32 states, and will be overseeing on-going service and other needs.

Murphy USA adopted a strategic approach to surveillance system usage and organisational accountability and efficiencies. Working with CBE, they designed a system that integrates POS, cameras, audio, analytics, time and attendance, and other systems, and will utilise 3xLogic VIGIL Trends to pull all of that data into an easy-to-use dashboard that is accessible anywhere the user has an Internet connection, including mobile devices.

The impetus for this large-scale project began several years ago when Murphy USA began looking for a more robust system that would provide both tracking capabilities to reduce shrinkage and mobile access for district managers. "We looked at several integrators and vendors over the past 12 months. Midway through this process, we changed the deployment requirement to a chain-wide rollout over about 6 months rather than an incremental site-by-site approach," explained Terra D. Walker, Manager of Loss Prevention and Investigations at Murphy USA. "With this new requirement, we needed an integrator that could undertake such a massive roll out and a robust surveillance system that could provide the business intelligence needs of a large, coast-to-coast organisation."

The 3xLogic integrated solution is already providing obvious benefits for Murphy USA. "We were challenged before by having to use multiple systems to pull together relevant information," said Walker. With 3xLOGIC, all relevant information and sequenced data is coupled together in easy to review investigations."

Previously, Murphy USA's system provided no way to see who was accessing data and when. 3xLogic VIGIL Trends offers that visibility and creates accountability across the entire business. Walker again, "The goal is to have all departments use the system to help with operational efficiencies. The flexibility of the system combined with mobile accessibility and the hybrid IP and analog capabilities were major selling points for us."

"We're quite pleased with the design process and the rollout thus far. Neither CBE nor Murphy USA are interested in short-term deals. We have the same goals-a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership," Walker concluded.

About CBE
CBE is a single source technology provider of Point-of-Sale (POS) and Video Surveillance Systems. Headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama and with operations throughout the United States, CBE provides sales, service, and support to our clients. For more information about CBE, Inc. please visit their website www.cbe-inc.com.

About 3xLOGIC
A leader in the Security industry for more than 15 years, 3xLOGIC is known for providing complete, easy-to-use surveillance solutions that seamlessly integrate audio, video, and disparate data such as Access Control, License Plate Recognition (LPR), ATM, Point-of-Sale (POS), etc. 3xLOGIC's video surveillance solutions are engineered for scalability and are remarkably simple to install, use and service. Employing the latest advances in NVR, VMS, IP camera, analytic and Cloud technologies, 3xLOGIC delivers high-value business intelligence anywhere, anytime and from any device.

In 2014 3xLOGIC experienced rapid growth as the market shifted to a single-solution-provider model, the Cloud being an integral part of that paradigm. 3xLOGIC is harnessing the power of this technology, creating a viable product, ready for deployment today that takes the prospect of security to the next level. With the acquisition of Sonitrol's R&D resources from Stanley Security, 3xLOGIC is uniquely poised to revolutionise the system solutions business. The combination of audio and video alarm verification will virtually eliminate the false alarm epidemic so problematic in today's intrusion systems, all while being accessible from any device, anywhere internet access is available.

For more information about 3xLOGIC, please visit our website www.3xlogic.com

5th November 2014

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