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31st May 2023 Issue no. 658

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2 Cities - 1 Brand - 1 Great Contract

* UAP-Soxxi.jpgThere are many common sayings which we all know and have used at some point in time.

You could be 'selling snow to the Eskimos', 'taking coals to Newcastle' or 'selling sand to the Arabs': but your efforts may prove to be futile as the outcome is more than likely going to be rather disappointing.

These three popular phrases are associated with selling merchandise into a home market which is already dominated by a local product, and doing whatever it takes to succeed in your chosen field of expertise.

Tapping into a market which has previously been controlled by another authority can prove to be incredibly difficult, but due to the fact that Genuine Lishi are renowned across the globe for supplying only the finest auto-locksmithing tooling on the market, it came as no surprise when they signed an exclusive agreement with SOXXI Master.

SOXXI Master are one of the most respected and established overseas distributors of auto pick decoders in the world, and have built up an unrivalled reputation over the years; a little like Genuine Lishi. Hence the reason why these two auto locksmithing giants have decided to join forces and work in conjunction with one another in order to supply customers with durable, resilient products, designed for durability and effectiveness. SOXXI Master have 6 outlets in China as well as outlets in Laos, Singapore and Vietnam, and constantly look at ways in which to improve and expand their already impressive catalogue of services.

Genuine Lishi, and their brand new, highly desirable NightVision products, have just signed an exclusive contract with this major distributor, as their ethos and product portfolio also focuses on quality, usability and versatility. They have recently made some changes and alterations to their original collection of affordable Genuine Lishi NightVision tooling, which means that there is even more choice, and are more than happy to take any bespoke requests into consideration.

But why exactly are SOXXI so keen to enter into an exclusive agreement with Genuine Lishi in particular when there are so many other local brands nearby?

SOXXI Master explains, "We believe in selling the best tools and products for our customers, and this is why we are distributors for world-class products such as Silca, Advanced Diagnostics and Autodata. We have dealt with the lesser-pick decoder brand, but were growing unhappy and discontented with the support, innovation and-especially-the service. We really wanted to be involved with the best auto pick decoder brand in the world, which is why we wanted to become directly associated with Genuine Lishi. The NightVision tooling range in particular piqued our interest as it is inventive, unique and highly original."

SOXXI Master continues, "We can now offer our customers the finest brand on the market, supported by the best technical team for auto opening across the globe, and we expect sales to rise significantly as our customers switch from the cheaper, substandard products to auto picking equipment which bears the mark of true quality and excellence; namely Genuine Lishi."

The MD of Genuine Lishi, David Jennings, says the following about these brand new developments, "We control who can invest into the Genuine Lishi brand very carefully, especially when it comes to purchasing NightVision tooling. We need people who can support the brand locally, and people who we can trust 100% to build the brand in their own local markets."

He continues, "We have been contacted a number of times regarding the possibility of supplying Genuine Lishi products to Chinese Distributors, but have always refused on previous occasions. The reason for this is because we needed an association with a high quality, well-known distributor who would honour the territory they can work in."

David concludes, "We have therefore signed a contract with the prestigious, respected SOXXI Master company, as they meet all of the criteria we were looking for. Long may this partnership continue!"

Due to the nature of this agreement, SOXXI Master now have exclusive rights to sell and promote Genuine Lishi tools inside China, Singapore, Laos and Vietnam, and are contracted to only represent Genuine Lishi products to their customers. This is a real coup for the Genuine Lishi brand as a whole, and gains a valuable foothold in the huge Chinese domestic market.

If you want to find out more about why Genuine Lishi products are widely considered to be the finest on the market due to their versatility, durability and effectiveness then all you need to do is visit www.genuinelishi.com.

17th December 2014

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