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31st May 2023 Issue no. 658

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Roto launches integrated burglary protection

* Roto-fenster_offen.jpgAccording to fenestration manufacturer Roto, Germany is rightly referred to as a "paradise for burglars." The number of such offences has been increasing since 2008 to 150,000 cases in 2013.

However, resistance is not futile. That is the motto chosen by the construction supplier for an integrated burglary prevention campaign, officially launched at an international press conference during November 2014.

Attended by 65 journalists from 16 countries, who heard Roto's "More security, more attention, more benefits, more customers" message beilng rolled out as the four commitments for added value made by the company at the launch of its new integrated burglary protection campaign in Germany.

With a comprehensive package of measures, the initiative is intended to stimulate consumer investment in windows and encourage new business for market partners. Under the motto "Resistance is not futile" the construction supplier has taken the initiative, which is of great concern to most consumers, while providing great opportunities for the industry.

Material and psychological damage

In Germany burglary detection rates are extremely low, only 15.5%. That means that only one out of six cases can be closed successfully by the police.

In contrast to rural areas, criminals are mainly active in cities and border regions, according to statistics. In addition to the material damage, ? costing German insurance companies about 480 million Euros in 2013 ? they also cause irreplaceable losses of family treasures and mementos. Not to mention the grave and often long-term psychological impact on the victims.

The rapidly increasing number of crimes against property has also triggered media attention. Since mid-2013, there has been a great deal of news coverage of this burning issue. This intensive coverage confirms strong public interest. Politicians "are slowly waking up": the secretaries of the Interior organise special meetings to address this problem; there are state subsidies for building measures such as reconstruction loans. These subsidies are frequently used for windows and doors, which are the main point of attack for burglars.

* Roto-Kampagnenmotiv.jpgConsistent Strategy

This gives professionals an "excellent opportunity" to demonstrate their skills, engage customers, generate demand and offer added value. That is why marketing expert Mr. Pauly is amazed that the industry "has been surprisingly passive so far". Roto wants to change that with a promotion campaign for burglary-resistant facade and roof windows that targets end users all over Germany. The intention is to get market partners on board ? an example of Roto's customer-benefit oriented "close to the customer" strategy with a promotional campaign "Resistance is not futile."

Good reasons for taking part

"Roto Quadro Safe" for facade windows is based on components from the universal Tilt&Turn hardware portfolio "Roto NT". The four-pack for efficient protection against picklocks consists of lockable handles, anti-drilling protection, mushroom cams and security strikers.


17th December 2014

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