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29th March 2023 Issue no. 649

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Lockwood Locks change to "Kinetic Defence"

* lockwood-201-cylinder.jpgThe Lockwood Brand is an Australian range of premium domestic and commercial locks which is well branded and very much an Australian icon.

Lockwood locks are available in almost all hardware shops and sold by locksmiths throughout Australia. The domestic range of Lockwood locks are easily recognisable with their traditional red and white packaging which is one of the most well branded and trusted in Australia.

The internet and the freedom of information on lock picking and lock bumping is probably what persuaded the manufacturers of Lockwood products to change the design of their cylinders to the new anti bump and pick resistant cylinders.

Lock Bumping especially made opening of the older Lockwood locks very easy. Lock Bumping works better on well constructed pin tumbler locks with tight tolerances such as Lockwood locks.

Kinetic Defence is the name Lockwood gave to its upgraded lock cylinders. The lock cylinders themselves have very little change in design.

11th February 2015

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