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22nd March 2023 Issue no. 648

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Introducing....the newly updated Genuine Lishi Training Manual - Only £199!

* LISHI-Training-Manual.jpgWhen it comes to the fine art of Genuine Lishi picking, it takes great skill, precision and training to open each car lock.

Without the knowledge of Genuine Lishi tools, including different picking sequences for each different type of lock, it will be near on impossible to just pick up a Genuine Lishi tool and start using it effectively.

However, if you really want to get to grips with Genuine Lishi 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 auto tools and don't want to pay the expense to attend a locksmith course, then it is highly recommended that you invest in the Complete Genuine Lishi User Guide and Training Manual Kit, exclusively available from TradeLocks for a great price of only £199!

Kevin Pritchard, TradeLocks' Manager, explains, "The Genuine Lishi Training Manual is truly in a league of its own as there is nothing currently available on the market which even comes close. Not only is it incredibly informative and interesting, but the care and attention to detail which has gone into compiling the Training Manual has to be seen to be believed."

What makes the incomparable Complete Genuine Lishi User Guide and Training Manual Kit so innovative and original is that we have asked well-known Genuine Lishi specialists for their input so that others can benefit from their wealth of knowledge and expertise!"

Kevin continues, "We have spent a long time updating the original training manual, and added brand new chapters into the guide, covering all the brand new Genuine Lishi tools, including the innovative and Patented Genuine Lishi Night Vision 3 in 1 Picks and Decoders!"

As well as detailed information on 35 different car locks covering exactly how they work, there are practical tutorials for you to participate in, as well as visual demonstrations which perfectly demonstrate exactly how to pick with flair and finesse. You will be able to pick and decode with cease using step by step instructions, as well as learning all of the tricks of the trade along the way!

With the Complete Genuine Lishi Training Manual at your immediate disposal you can gain the know-how required to perfect your overall performance and hone your skills so that you work with confidence and efficiency. The Training Manual covers all bases from unlocking standard locks which you encounter on a day-to-day basis right through to picking more complex locks with 3 in 1 tools.

There is even a section on understanding Tibbe Door and Ignition Locks, which gives locksmiths a step-by-step breakdown on how to successfully pick these types of locks whilst still leaving the 'alignment pin' in place. Both keen amateurs and seasoned professionals can benefit from reading this exceptional Training Manual Kit, as it goes into so much depth, yet is clear, concise and simple to follow.

Kevin concludes, "For example, the 3 in 1 DTI tools opens doors, trunks and ignitions, whilst standard 2 in 1 tools do not work on the ignition. Genuine Lishi Night Vision tools are ideal if you need to work in darkness, as they use Patented technology and aid navigation when you are exposed to harsh weather conditions, or have to carry out tasks where there is a limited source of light."

This goes to show why the Genuine Lishi User Guide and Training Manual is already flying off the shelves! It is a comprehensive guide to becoming the best in the business as regards to Genuine Lishi picking. So if you want to pick up some top tips and handy hints from well-known and respected names in the auto locksmith trade it is imperative that you place an order for the Complete Genuine Lishi User Guide & Training Manual Kit today.

To find out more about the Complete Genuine Lishi User Guide and Training Manual visit www.tradelocks.co.uk today!

25th February 2015

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