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22nd March 2023 Issue no. 648

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Boon Edam launches revolutionary access control barrier series

* Boon-Edam_Lifeline.jpgWith people passing through all day long, the security of sensitive areas of buildings, as well as the personal safety of the people visiting, must be guaranteed.

To meet this demand, Boon Edam has created a new range of security products to manage the flow of people in and throughout a building. Yet, a challenge remains: How to achieve a secure entrance environment while meeting the high aesthetic demands of today's buildings?

The Ultimate Entry Experience.The ever-changing business world has seen traditional 9 to 5 working days replaced with a 24/7 culture. This requires a new view on building security as it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of who is in a building at a given moment as well as their location inside, if necessary. Using the latest technologies and premium materials, Boon Edam has developed the new and highly customizable Speedlane Lifeline Series.

In determining the requirements for the new range of products, Boon Edam invested heavily in studying pedestrian behavior and collaborated with security professionals, end users, property managers and architects alike. The insights gained revealed an opportunity for the company to create something truly unique.

"As work environments become increasingly dynamic, the need for increased security measures within buildings grows. We started seeing things from a new perspective that allowed us to get out in front of changing demands," explained Product Manager Daan van Beusekom. "The Lifeline Series is a sophisticated entry management system designed to be intuitive and responsive, interacting with all who approach it and guiding visitors through a secure gateway to their destination."

Intuitive, Interactive, Innovative. The Speedlane Lifeline Series product range, which includes the slimmest security barrier cabinet in the industry, consists of three models-the Slide, Swing and Open-each of which is available in a variety of options. Whether one is looking for a higher level of security or to create easier disabled access, numerous combinations are possible. Recognizing that each installation is different, the modular system design means the product is highly customizable.

The Design Statement: The form given to the Lifeline Series series is sleek, ergonomic and refined. The "V" shape of the product, seen from all angles, creates the impression of spaciousness and a much smaller footprint. Combined with a mirror panel at its base, the product "floats" above the floor, giving a sense of futurism. Customers can also accentuate their chosen product by selecting from a pre-determined, on-trend palette of finishes and colors, such as the understated colors in the Business Series, or the bolder statement colors and accents of the Elements and Expressions series.

A preview video about the Speedlane Lifeline Series can be seen at www.boonedam.us

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