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12th June 2024 Issue no. 709

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The Peterson Professional Security Training DVD

* Peterson-DVD.jpgKen Peterson is a true professional; dedicated, hard-working and tireless in his efforts. Each and every one of his incomparable tools has been designed with durability and effectiveness in mind, and he continues to impress with his innovative and unique designs. Take his fantastic collection of resilient, versatile Knife Tools; for example.

The NP Knife Peterson Knife Tool can open a lock in SECONDS, and can be operated by both the hobbyist and the professsional. Mini Knife Tools are not as thick as the standard Knife Tool, but they are ideal for opening older master locks and thumbturn locks. All of these tools are available at TradeLocks, as they are the biggest stockist of Peterson tools in the world.

* DVD-set.jpgSometimes, it is useful having a practical guide to help you on your way; especially when you consider how varied and diverse the Peterson range of tools is. Kevin Pritchard, TradeLocks' Manager, explains, "One of the reasons why our training courses are so popular is due to the fact that they are so hands-on, and you can really get to grips with different tools, and overcome any difficulties. With assistance from leading experts, anyone can succeed!"

He continues, "And this may be why the Peterson Professional Security Training DVD is proving to be such a hit with locksmiths across the UK and Ireland. It is informative, interesting and detailed, and includes everything you need to know in order to succeed in the industry. You can learn how to operate Peterson Pick Handles, know exactly how to use Peterson Pick Guns, and even open Warded Padlocks!"

Kevin continues, "The DVD is split into two sections, as Disc One concentrates on describing the Peterson Philosophy, details why Peterson Steel is considered so desirable (as opposed to similar materials on the market) and tells you how to open Double Sided Wafer Locks."

"Disc Two focuses on GM Ring Clip Removal, shows you how to read Wafer Locks and demonstrates the ways in which to enter Automotive Doors without causing any damage to the lock itself. All bases are covered, and it is an essential purchase for anyone looking to make a name for themselves in the locksmith business."

Kevin concludes, "If you are looking to really hone your skills and perfect your overall performance then the Peterson Professional Security Training DVD is a must-have buy. The genius himself has given his full seal of approval, so what more evidence do you need? When quality matters; think Peterson!"
For more information regarding the Peterson Professional Security Training DVD just visit www.tradelocks.co.uk today.

22nd April 2015

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