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20th September 2023 Issue no. 672

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Boon Edam launches updated BoonConnect maintenance software for its security doors

* BoonConnect-2015.jpgBoon Edam Inc., a leading manufacturer of security entrance solutions in North America, has announced that its existing software tool, BoonConnect, will be addressable in real time via a web browser and will be a standard feature for both the Tourlock security revolving door and the Circlelock security mantrap portal.

BoonConnect is used to troubleshoot, configure and access key door operational data. Technicians will now be able to access a variety of door functions remotely to resolve issues faster than ever before and minimize downtime.

BoonConnect was launched in 2013 and at the time was physically accessible with a secure password, but only via a small touchscreen mounted on the Tourlock security revolving door's endpost. Now, BoonConnect is accessible via a secure connection from any device with a browser and internet connection, such as a PC, tablet, iPad, smartphone, etc. Users simply select the IP address of the door they want to access and log in to access current information about the door and run diagnostics.

BoonConnect provides the following features for the facility manager and/or the service technician:

Current Door Status - Upon logging in, users can immediately see the product name, site location, serial number and tracking of the last time accessed. In addition, the user can see the total number of rotations or completed user entries since the last service date, as well as the total number of piggybacking/tailgating attempts and safety sensor activations.

Diagnostic Functions - Technicians can access the door's control system and troubleshoot/test various functions of the door, such as sensor performance, door wing alignment, motor speed, braking speed, and more, without removing ceiling parts as in the past.

Security Mode Setting - The security mode of a Tourlock or Circlelock can be set instantly to control use of the integrated access control system. For example, the door can be set to require credentials to go into the secure area and no credentials to exit (secure in, free out). Several different modes and combinations are available.

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