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22nd March 2023 Issue no. 648

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OBD Blocker

* OBD.jpgIt's new, it's secure and it works. Protect your Vehicle. Think your car is secure? Think again. Did you know over 300,000 vehicles are stolen each year in the UK alone? Did you know that your car could be stolen in 20 seconds? Do you know what OBD is? Car thieves DO!

Today's modern vehicles use many computer controlled systems, from switching the indicators to managing the engine's performance. Amongst these systems is the car security. 

When an authorised dealer needs to investigate a problem, specialist equipment can be connected to the OBD port in the car to send and receive electronic information.

OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics and is a valuable tool in the right, trusted hands. However the same technology is now freely available to anyone who knows where to look and can be used for other less legitimate purposes.

Organised criminals are using OBD technology to steal your car. All that's required is a low cost piece of electronics which runs key cloning software. Your pride and joy gone in seconds, maybe never to be seen again. Protect your Vehicle with the OBD Blocking Solution.

What is it?
The OBD Blocker simply blocks unauthorised communication through the OBD port to your vehicle. This helps prevent key reprogramming or other unauthorised activities.

How is it installed?
The OBD Blocker comes as a matching pair: a small tag which is attached to your key ring for easy access and a module which is firmly connected to the existing OBD connector in the car.

How does it work?
Think of the Blocker as a switch. Without the matching tag the switch is off, so blocking unauthorised access to your car. To enable access place the tab on the module and the switch will turn on.

* Advanced-Keys-logo.jpgWhen will the tag be required?
The only time the tag will be required is when you take your car to a garage for repair work, service or for a breakdown recovery service like the AA.

How do I become an approved installer?
Advanced Keys Limited is the UK & Ireland distributor for this product - Email [email protected] so we can send you the application form for you to fill in a return. (A copy of your public liability will be required)
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