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17th July 2024 Issue no. 714

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Access Control - Migrating to higher security

* BQT-Multi.jpgFor organisations with a large access card issuance, it has to be said that the most difficult part of changing to a higher level of security is how the migration to the new Smart Card platform may occur without impeding access and business.

You’ve made the decision to upgrade access control security due to your older, insecure card technology being at risk to cloning and hacking. Installing the new smart readers is the easy part, but how do you migrate your staff to the new secure access credentials efficiently and seamlessly without any downtime for your organisation?

Fortunately, multi-technology smart card readers is the answer. Installing smart readers with both your old card technology and the new secure smart card technology such as BQT Solutions’ BT950-6 and BT951 Smart Readers gives you the flexibility to issue the new user credentials on a manageable basis, allowing complete business continuity. You may even decide to upgrade the multi-technology smart readers on a programmed basis too. This provides total flexibility in the timing and budgeting of your seamless migration to higher security.

BQT Solutions’ multi-technology smart card readers support your legacy card population, allowing you to make the transition to higher security credentials over a period of time that suits your budget and timescale. So once you have changed to multi-technology smart readers and issued all my new cards? You simply use a configuration card to turn the old insecure card technology off and you have the peace of mind that only the new higher security credentials will allow access to valid users.

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